West Maui's Best Cheap Eats of 2024

Hawaiian hamburger plate lunch overlooking Maui's coastline
by VM Maui

Maui is a true paradise – stunning beaches, breathtaking landscapes, and a vibrant culture. But did you know that it's also a food lover's haven? In this blog post, we will take you on a culinary adventure through West Maui's best cheap eats of 2024.

Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with incredible flavors without compromising on your budget. From mouthwatering burgers to delightful ice cream, these restaurants offer a winning combination of affordable prices and delicious flavors. So, let's dive in and discover the hidden gems of Maui's dining scene.

Honokowai Okazuya & Deli

This basic strip center-based lunch & dinner spot offers a wide variety of Asian take-out dishes. Some of Honokowai Okazuya & Deli's popular menu items include teriyaki steak, Korean-style chicken BBQ, panko fried mahi mahi, and Grandma's Tofu. They also have vegetarian options and gluten-free options available. A local favorite for delicious cheap eats!

Hawaiian Village Coffee

Located in Lahaina, Hawaiian Village Coffee offers a wide variety of affordable options. Whether you're craving a Reuben sandwich, Hummus, Tater tots, Carbonara, or Macarons, this coffee shop has something for everyone. Don't miss their iced vanilla macadamia nut latte and breakfast bagels. With friendly staff, great coffee, and delightful pastries, Hawaiian Village Coffee is a must-visit spot.

The Coffee Store Napili

Situated in Lahaina, The Coffee Store Napili is another fantastic option for budget-friendly dining. Their menu features delicious coffee flavors and a selection of fresh baked goods. Treat yourself to their bacon quiche, cherry Danish, or banana bread. The staff is friendly, and the atmosphere is welcoming, making it a perfect spot to start your day on the island.

Farmers Market

If you're looking for fresh and affordable options, Napili Farmers Market is the place to be. This culinary gem offers a wide variety of choices to cater to every palate. From gluten-free and vegan dishes to mouthwatering pasta and acai bowls, there's something for everyone at the Farmers Market. It's a haven for those seeking a healthy and budget-friendly meal. Don't miss out on their delectable hummus or their refreshing acai bowls – they're sure to leave you feeling satisfied and nourished.

Tin Roof Maui

Tin Roof Maui is a beloved local eatery in Kahului, Maui, known for its delicious and affordable Hawaiian comfort food. Established by former Top Chef contestant Sheldon Simeon, the restaurant pays homage to his hometown of Hilo, where every home is shielded by a tin roof, and embodies the spirit of a simple place started with passion and hard work

Honolua Store

At Honolua Store, you can experience the true essence of Maui's cuisine without breaking the bank. This bustling store offers a variety of fresh items that will leave you craving for more. Dive into their mouthwatering poke, savor the delicious ahi salad, or indulge in malasadas. And if you're feeling adventurous, don't miss out on their signature spam musubi. With its convenient location and affordable prices, Honolua Store is the perfect place to grab a quick and satisfying meal while exploring Lahaina.

Special Mention (cause we miss it here in West Maui)

Ono Tacos Lahaina

When it comes to street tacos, Ono Tacos Lahaina is the go-to spot for both locals and visitors. Their flavorful fish tacos and shrimp burritos are nothing short of extraordinary. The combination of fresh ingredients, zesty flavors, and reasonable prices make Ono Tacos Lahaina a must-visit eatery on Maui. Whether you're grabbing a quick lunch or enjoying a relaxed dinner, this place will surely satisfy your cravings for authentic Mexican cuisine. You'll find their new location with the same great tacos in Kahului at 520 Keolani Place.

Tasty, Affordable Delights

Maui is not only known for its stunning beaches and breathtaking landscapes but also for its diverse culinary scene. With these affordable dining options, you can experience the flavors of the island without breaking your budget. Whether you're a coffee lover, pastry enthusiast, or craving Asian cuisine, Maui has something for everyone.

Remember to always check for updated travel advisories and local regulations before planning your trip. Enjoy your culinary adventure in Maui!