Travel Agent Agreement

Travel Agent Business Relationship Agreement

Travel Agents successfully booking any of the properties managed by WIG LLC constitutes acceptance of this Relationship Agreement

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Whalers Investment Group, LLC and Travel Agent (TA) agree as follows:

Business Relationship. TA requests a business relationship status and WIG agrees to accept that business relationship. This business relationship does not create a partnership or any relationship other than the relationship established herein. TA will provide WIG a valid U.S. Taxpayer Identification number (9 digits) and a valid IATA number (8 digits), if TA is a member of IATA. TA understands that they are entirely responsible for payment of their own federal and state income tax and general excise taxes, if any.

Travel Agent Activities. TA agrees to abide by the law, ethical standards, and WIG Terms and Conditions and Policies, in selling and soliciting reservations for inventory managed by the WIG. TA, consistent with WIG policy, shall promote the business of serving the public in travel agent transactions to the end that the WIG and TA may derive the greatest benefit possible in accordance with the law. TA shall act in accordance with WIG Terms and Conditions as amended from time to time. Up to date travel agent Terms and Conditions are available on the Company's website,, and are incorporated into this Agreement by reference.

Compensation to Travel Agents. TA will receive a commission as follows; 10% of the gross rental revenue of said booking, paid for those room revenues successfully collected at the end of each month. If full payment is made by TA company check, the commission may be pre-deducted. Occasionally, due to problems beyond our control, TA guests may be moved to alternative accommodations or inconvenienced in some way whereby WIG may issue credits to TA guests. In such cases WIG pays TA Commissions only on gross revenues successfully processed.

Mediation and Arbitration. All disputes or claims arising between TA and WIG shall be submitted to binding arbitration if they cannot be settled internally. This paragraph shall survive termination of the Agreement and shall remain binding upon all parties.

Legal Claims. The TA shall pay any legal costs associated with a reservation incurred due to the TA's actions, either before or after the reservation. WIG shall have no obligation to contribute in any way to the defense of any charge brought against TA for criminal activity or fraud.

Entire Agreement. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement WIG and the TA with regard to their relationship.