Maui Hiking at the Makawao Forest Reserve

The Makawao forest reserve is located on the slopes of Haleakala above Olinda. This is one of those fun upcountry spots that most visitors don't know about. There are many excellent hiking and biking trails of varying difficulties. Since it's located toward the north side of the mountain, it gets its fair share of rain, so there are numerous streams and a large reservoir by Maui standards.

While you are there, you may notice what would be considered an odd collection of tree species. That's because this area was once the location of a timber experiment which involved the planting of various trees from not only the US mainland, but several other countries as well. The goal was to figure out which could be harvested consistently in this moist high-elevation environment. But there are still native species to be found here, like koa. The most notable native tree in the Makawao Forest Reserve is probably the ohia lehua. It's red blossoms are known for providing nectar for Maui's rare endemic honeycreepers.

It isn't just the trees that make this place distinctive. There are other fascinating plant species that can be found there as well. If you are even remotely interested in botany, you'll have a field day here. In fact, with the aid of the last link we provided, a trip to this spot could prove to be a very educational experience for both adults and children.

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