Maui Vacation Sporting Event - 2020 Pailolo Challenge Canoe Race

Every year on Maui there’s a plethora of fun and exciting sporting events to attend that bring some of the island’s top athletes out to compete. Whether it’s a marathon, basketball tournament, or weight lifting competition, there’s always something going on for those of you who like to get your heart pumping and enjoy breaking a sweat. One such event just so happens to be a challenge that tests even the most determined athletes and that happens to be the Pailolo Challenge. 

The 2020 Pailolo Challenge is a 26-mile race that starts at Maui’s DT Fleming Beach and takes expert Hawaiian canoe paddlers to Kaunakakai, Molokai. Paddlers from all over the state, nation and as far away as places such as Canada, Australia and elsewhere gather on Maui to test themselves against the challenges of the great Pailolo Channel. It is considered to be the most challenging race in Hawaii and is not for the faint of heart. Every year this event brings crowds from all over the island and has been a local favorite since the Hawaiian Canoe Club started the race in 1960. Today the club has more than 340 members.

The Hawaiian Canoe Club’s mission is to perpetuate and preserve the art of Hawaiian canoe paddling by providing an environment rooted in traditional Hawaiian values that promote personal growth, character development. So if this sounds like an event you’d like to attend or just want to be a part of then make sure to mark your calendars for Sept. 12th. We hope you’re as excited as we are and we’ll plan on seeing you out on the water and on the beach. 

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