Best Places to See Whales in Maui Hawaii

Winter time is right around the corner and you know what that means? That means it’s almost whale season on Maui! Every winter these majestic creatures travel from Alaska to our warm waters to mate and give birth in our own backyard. How lucky are we to be able to witness this beautiful act of nature firsthand? Well, you can too so if you’re curious about the best way to see whales on Maui then read on because we have a few tips for you that will guarantee you catch a glimpse of these sea beasts during your next vacation to Maui.

  1. By Boat: Naturally, the best way to see the whales on Maui during the winter months is by boat. With two harbors available, Maalaea Harbor and the Lahaina Harbor, both locations service visitors such as yourself and boat companies here offer exclusive whale tours for all ages. Simply Google Maui whale watching and see what pops up. No matter what group you go with, you’re guaranteed to love the experience.
  2. Maui’s South and West Side: While taking a boat out to view the whales in action is ideal, you actually don’t have to leave land to get a view of these sea giants. Whales can be seen all along the beaches along Maui’s south and west side so you don’t have to wander far to see these lovely creatures and all their glory. Simply keep your eyes peeled while you’re walking the shoreline or eating out near the water. You’d be surprised just how many you can see from the comfort of your beach chair.
  3. By Air: What better way to see the whales then via helicopter? Get a birds-eye view of these majestic creatures by taking a look at them from high above the clouds. You won’t be disappointed.

So that sums up some of the best ways to see whales on Maui. We hope you consider taking our advice and plan your next Hawaii vacation around the winter months so you can see these guys firsthand. They’re truly beautiful creatures and we’re so lucky to have them here in our own backyard.

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