The Gazebo Maui - West Maui Restaurant Spotlight

Staying in West Maui means lounging on the gorgeous Kaanapali Beach, strolling on the historic Front Street in Lahaina, or hiking up the scenic Waihee Valley.  Undoubtedly, West Maui is one of the best places to vacation or live on the island. Yet, there’s more to this sliver of paradise than its stunning sandy beaches, action-packed activities, and extensive shopping opportunities.  There’s the vibrant history, the welcoming Aloha culture, and the phenomenal food.  

With its host of impressive eateries, West Maui is a place where you will never go hungry or run out of excellent choices. If you want to treat yourself to a big hearty breakfast or lunch with beautiful ocean views, head to the Gazebo Maui Restaurant in Napili.  The service is exceptional, the menu is stellar, and the ambiance is cozy.  On top of all that, the Gazebo lies on a stunningly beautiful waterfront.  

Small but bustling, this unassuming restaurant is one of the most beloved eats among locals and tourists who are staying in one of the vacation rental properties in West Maui. What makes this place stand out?  Let us get to know The Gazebo a little more.

A brief history

The Gazebo building served as a poolside facility for the Napili Shores Resort when it opened in 1973.  It was converted into a restaurant in 1975 but remained largely unknown for several years.  However, the Gazebo started to gain attention in 1995 under new ownership and excellent staff.   In 2010, it won the Best Breakfast Award from the Maui Magazine.

The mouthwatering food

Yes, it all boils down to the food. From its signature burrito to its famous fried rice, the Gazebo has loads of delicious breakfast and lunch food on its menu. Eating here is the perfect way to start your day and fuel up before exploring West Maui.

A must-try is the house specialty fluffy macadamia pancake served with homemade coconut syrup and topped with copious dollops of whip cream and macadamia nuts. You can also choose from the different variations, including the decadent white chocolate mac nut and the bestselling macadamia nut pancake with pineapple and banana.  

The breakfast options also include eggs cooked however you like – poached, fried, or scrambled. But the most popular are the omelets, made of three eggs, your choice of cheese, vegetable or meat, with a side of toast, rice, or potatoes. Of course, you should not miss the celebrated fried rice mixed with assorted chunks of meat, vegetables, and scrambled eggs. For beverages, go for the chilled juices, with options that include pineapple, orange, tomato, and POG, a combination of passion fruit, orange, and guava.

The lunch menu offers salads, sandwiches, burgers, and local lunch plates, consisting of steamed white rice, a small green salad, and chicken or pork dish. The Gazebo also has a kid’s menu that includes a Mickey Mouse pancake with white chocolate chips.

In addition to its tasty meals, the restaurant is well known for its generous servings, and by that, we mean massive portions of everything. The best thing about it is the food is relatively inexpensive, with prices ranging between $7 for a small green salad and $15 for a large plate of fried rice. Considering that you are on the touristy island of Maui, the well-priced meals are essentially a bargain compared to other eateries in the area.

The breathtaking location

Tucked away on a peaceful beach adjacent to Napili Bay, the Gazebo offers stunning views of the ocean. The restaurant is easily accessible if you’re staying at any of the luxury resorts in West Maui, although it’s a little off the beaten path and is pretty easy to miss, especially if you don’t know about it.  Fortunately, word of good food travels far and wide, and hungry customers always manage to find this not-so-hidden gem.  Indeed, it is not uncommon to see visitors from other parts of the island traveling to Napili to enjoy the Gazebo experience.  

The catch, though, is there is often an endless queue of customers waiting for a table.  Nonetheless, the experience is well worth it, and the picturesque panorama makes the wait less agonizing.  Outside the Gazebo are shade umbrellas where you can sit and enjoy the vistas and the fresh sea breeze.  The staff also serves free coffee to the queuing customers.  

If you have children in tow and are worried they might get fussy, don’t fret. There are loads of activities around the Gazebo to keep them busy.  You can play on the giant checkerboard on the lawn or look for sea turtles in the bay.

How to get there

You will find the Gazebo on the ocean end of the Napili Shores Resort. Napili itself is a popular tourist destination.  It lies on an area along Maui’s west coast, north of Kaanapali and south of Kapalua.  It would take about 15 minutes to drive to the Gazebo if you are staying in a vacation rental in Kaanapali Beach and five minutes from Kapalua.

To get there, follow the Honoapiilani Highway and turn left once you reach Napilihau Street.  You will pass through a residential neighborhood.  At the end of the corner, the street intersects with Lower Honoapiilani Road, where you have to make a right turn.  You will find Napili Shores on the ocean side of the road, past the junction of Lower Honoapiilani Road and Malialani Palace.  

Once you have parked your car, head towards the ocean.  You can’t miss the poolside building with a pointy rooftop.

Operation hours and best time to go

The Gazebo is open from 7:30 am to 2 pm daily and serves all-day breakfast and lunch food.  The restaurant does not accept reservations, and the waiting line for those who want to dine in is usually very long.  Some customers have to wait for over an hour.  To avoid the long queue, be sure to arrive at least 45 minutes before the eatery opens.  Otherwise, you can show up an hour before it closes, but there might still be a line.

You can also opt to call in your order in advance and pick it up later as a takeaway.  However, the phone line can be extremely busy at times.  It’s still best to go directly to the restaurant.  Take note that to-go orders start at 8:00 am, and there’s a takeout counter on the backside of the building.  If you do decide to do a takeaway, the tables by the pool are a great place to enjoy your meal.

It is no surprise that the Gazebo is often packed with new and returning diners.  The food is not only delicious and filling but also affordable.  Moreover, the service is excellent, and the views are striking.  If you happen to stay in West Maui, don’t miss the opportunity to sample the popular specialties of this famous breakfast spot.