Maui Bucket List Suggestions

Maui is considered by many to be the best island to visit in the world. It's no surprise, because this island has it all: coral reefs, postcard beaches, cascading waterfalls, verdant jungles, humpback whales, towering mountains, amazing local cuisine. Once you get settled into the right Maui accommodations, you can focus on how you want to spend your time. There's so much to do and see, the active and fit vacationer often complains that there wasn't enough time in the trip to do it all. With that in mind, we have some suggestions to help ensure that you have some of those special experiences that make your journey memorable.

Swim With Sea Turtles: There are plenty of gorgeous reefs all around Maui where you'll find Hawaiian green sea turtles grazing on algae and other underwater delicacies. If you're lucky, you might just spot one or more of these popular swimming reptiles. Just be sure to keep your distance out of respect for the animal.

Try Shave Ice: When you visit a place where the daytime temperatures hover around 80 degrees at sea level, cool treats are a must-have. Shave ice is a local favorite, made from delicate ice flakes shaped into a sphere and covered with your choice of flavors that are usually numbered in the dozens. Try a suggested combination or request your own. Some places even have the option of putting ice cream at the bottom and regular cream on top.

Drive the Road to Hana: It's a narrow road with over 600 hairpin turns, but the towering jungle trees, sparkling blue ocean, giant climbing vines and countless cascading waterfalls make this journey one of the most iconic sightseeing opportunities in Hawaii. Be prepared for breathtaking beauty and the pungent smell of guavas along the way.

Visit All Three Beach Colors: Maui is one of the few places in the world that features white, red and black sand beaches. The white sand comes from corals, the black from lava rock, and the red from iron-rich lava rock.

See a Blow Hole: One of the fascinating things about living on an island formed by volcanoes is the unusual geological features that one can find along the shoreline. The blow hole is one of these. Sometimes the old lava flows leave long, narrow, open pockets behind. Such caves are known as lava tubes. When these tubes are situated in the rocky areas fronting the ocean, they can form a blow hole, as long as there's an opening out of the top of the tube. The waves surge in, and a frothy jet of water comes shooting straight into the air. It's a rare sight to behold. Just be sure to keep your distance!

Travel to the Summit of Haleakala: It's not every day that you can start the morning at a beach and find yourself standing atop a 10,000-foot-tall mountain by the afternoon. Not only does the summit of Haleakala feature unparalleled views of the island, but you can also feast your eyes on its crater, a deep bowl filled with colorful cinder cones.

Take to the Skies: Seeing Maui from the air is an amazing experience. Try a helicopter tour, or if you're more adventurous, how about a hang gliding or paragliding lesson? This kind of experience adds a whole new perspective on the island, and sometimes everything else too!

We hope this helps you to make the most of your Maui vacation! If you need our assistance with your accommodations, you'll find our contact information at the bottom of the page. We hope to see you on the island soon. Mahalo!