Maui Proposal Ideas

Maui is a timeless, classic choice for a romantic getaway, but it's not just for honeymoons. What better way to propose to the one you love than in one of the magnificent natural settings of Maui? Well, if you need a little help brainstorming, here are some location suggestions.

Beach - This is a common choice, so we'll talk about it first. It may not be the most original place to propose, but Maui's beaches are so unbelievably beautiful, who cares about originality? If your sweetheart is a traditional romantic, or simply loves the ocean, there's no better way to go.

Waterfall - This is a great idea for the more outdoorsy and adventurous type, or anyone who's particularly enchanted by those lush green jungles and cascading waterfalls. Take a trip to Hana for this, and drive slowly if either of you are prone to carsickness. You wouldn't want to spoil the magic by straining the stomach! The most popular waterfalls can be crowded, but the great thing about Hana is that there are so many of them. Do a little research and figure out which are the most private, and whether they require a hike that can fit into your plans.

Crater - A unique choice for a unique couple, a Haleakala Crater proposal is ideal for those who march to the beat of their own drum. There's no place in the world like the Crater, with the red hues of its volcanic sand, and its fascinating cinder cones. You could fit the city of Manhattan inside it, and the views of Maui and the surrounding islands are unparalleled on a clear day. If you want your proposal to highlight a sense of endless possibilities for the future, this is the perfect choice.

Balcony - If you plan to go all out on beautiful Maui accommodations, and you want an intimate proposal, this is could be a wonderful experience. Maui boasts breathtaking condos overlooking sprawling ocean vistas to charm the eye, and they always have a balcony or a patio. If you want to surprise your sweetheart, you could place the ring on the balcony/patio so she could find it while taking in the magnificent views. As for when to propose, it's up to you to decide when the time is right. That being said, if you propose when you arrive, the rest of your vacation will be much more blissful, and your enjoyment will be magnified throughout all your vacation adventures.

Those are a few ideas to get you started, and if you plan ahead, you can think about all the ways to make your proposal special for the two of you. Mahalo for reading this week, and good luck!