Maui Vacation Tips

Going on a Maui vacation? Well luckily for us, Hawaii is a tropical island paradise and happens to be part of the United States. Does this mean that your trip there will be like visiting any other state? Well, no. Not really. Whether you are visiting for the first time or returning, there are some things you should keep in mind to make sure your trip goes smoothly. Here are some great Maui vacation tips compiled from locals who have spent decades on the island:

1. Fruits and vegetables that you bring to Hawaii may be confiscated. Likewise, many things cannot be brought from Hawaii to the mainland, such as sugarcane and fresh flowers. Airport travel is difficult enough. Make sure you know what will and will not be a problem. Check the Dept of Agriculture for more information.

2. Have pet, will travel? Bringing pets with you when you travel is much easier in the rest of the US than it is in Hawaii. Review Hawaii's strict quarantine laws to make sure your animal meets the requirements.

3. Once you're on the island, watch your budget. Buying a little something here and there adds up. You may think that you can't have fun without spending money, but it doesn't have to be that way here. Ask any local and they will tell you that there are tons of ways to have a great time on Maui without spending a lot of money. The natural wonders of the island are what makes it great. Indulge in these. Remember: the beach is free!

4. Don't go to Hana without filling up your tank and clearing the pictures from your camera. If you want to do the winding jungle drive around the back side of Haleakala, know that there are a lot of miles to cover and very few places to find gas. Also, your camera had better have a ton of space or a ton of film. Just when you thought you got the best shots of the best waterfall, you'll find another that is equally breathtaking ...and another ...and another.

5. Don't leave your camera around. A lot of people on the island don't bother locking their doors, but that doesn't mean you should leave a thousand dollar camera in the back seat of your rental convertible while you're at the beach. Sound ridiculous? It happens all the time. You could be in the safest place on earth and you'll probably have your camera stolen if you do something like this. Rental cars are easy to recognize and tend to be targeted for camera equipment. To be safe, just keep it with you.

6. No road signs! What to do? We hear this all the time. Hawaii doesn't seem too concerned with having street names made obvious. Solution: Learn the layout! The reason street signs are neglected is because Maui is a small island with very obvious landmarks. It really is rather hard to get lost. When you have time, take a look at a good online or paper map and study it. Also, when we say a "good" map, we mean that many of the ones that you have handed to you are inadequate. Find one with detail. Now go find the West Maui Mountains. Done? Now find Haleakala. Now the airport, Lahaina, Hana, Paia. Don't be too scared by the names! While they may sound strange, the great thing about them is that none of them sound the same! See? There's always a bright side. There are very few main roads on the island, and as long as you know you are going in the right direction, you will almost always end up in your target vicinity.

7. So you got lost anyway. Don't ask kids or teens for directions. (Just trust us.) Stop in a store or gas station if you need advise, or ask an adult.

8. Finally the most important, crucial, overlooked secret tip of all: put on the sunscreen. Ok so it's not so secret. In fact, you may say that it's totally obvious, yet people forget all the time. Our advice: Put it on before you even leave your room. Do not, under any circumstances allow yourself to be so excited by the magnificent beauty of our beaches that you forget to protect yourself from the sun. If you are fair, take extra care. In fact, don't stop at sunscreen. Cover up. Wear light clothes that are comfortable in warm temperatures but that cover your skin. Don't stop there. Wear a hat. What's that you say? You don't want to look like a tourist? Well you are one. Just wear the hat. We see so many visitors get so lost in the excitement of their fabulous vacation that on their very first day, they get terrible sunburns because they overindulged in tanning. No matter how much aloe vera you pile on, sunburns take time to heal, and can be incredibly uncomfortable. You don't want to spend a minute of your vacation feeling uncomfortable.

Well those are our jewels of wisdom gleaned from locals who have spent their lives on Maui. We hope you will keep these tips in mind. We're in the business of making your vacation as fantastic as possible, so you can always rely on us for good advice and help in general. Now if you are still looking for accommodations, we can help. Whether you are on your honeymoon, family vacation, or visiting for any other purpose, we'll have some great places to suggest. If you want to see what we have in Maui condo rentals, feel free to browse our listings. We can also help with Maui vacation rental homes and townhomes. If you need anything that you haven't found on our website, then please call us at (808) 661-3484. Mahalo, and thanks for reading!