Ohana Ranch Maui Day Camps for Kids on Maui

Ohana Ranch Maui Day Camps for Kids on Maui

Looking for a fun, adventurous day camp for your kids on your Maui vacation? Sometimes mom and dad can use a little time to themselves on a family trip, perhaps for a soothing spa visit and couple's massage, a grown up activity like hang gliding, or a day of relaxation back at your Maui vacation accommodations.

If your kids like animals, Ohana Ranch may have just what the whole family needs. This summer, they will be providing day camps to keep your kids busy and having a good time while you're out doing other things. Being that it's a ranch, your kids will learn how to ride on horseback with calm, experienced horses and careful supervision by expert riding trainers. They will have their own horse all to themselves throughout the day, so they can form their own unique bond, but there's more to the camp than just learning to ride.

The Ohana Ranch Maui Day Camps are designed to instill confidence and leadership qualities in the participating kids. They will engage in the Natural Horsemanship Program taught at the ranch, which helps to promote those strengths while providing an experience full of fun. Children will play games while on horseback, and take some time for arts and crafts. They even get some water play, for an extra splash of fun. For the icing on the cake, each child gets their own miniature horse for the day for an educational and affectionate addition to their day.

These day camps are ongoing, held on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at Ohana Ranch of Maui, which is located up in Kula at 2055 Naalae Road. The camp lasts from 9am to 2pm and costs $125 per child, per day. If you do opt for this activity for your kids, make sure they come with sunscreen and/or clothes that help block the sun. They will also need a bathing suit and towel for water play, and long pants for riding, along with a change of clothes.

If you want to register, or need more information about the camp, you can call (808) 298-5864 or visit www.ohanaranch.com. If you need assistance with your West Maui vacation rental accommodations, you'll find our contact information at the bottom of the page. Mahalo!