Take to the Air on a Maui Plane Ride Tour for your Next Hawaii Vacation

Tours in Hawaii are a must for any new or old vacationer to the islands. These unique volcanic islands spread across the Pacific are home to some of the most awe-inspiring natural wonders in the world. And while exploring waterfalls, mountainsides, and playing in the waves are great ways to experience Hawaii on the ground, there’s only one way, and that’s by air. 

On Maui, there’s a unique option available for travelers that includes air tours, and it’s the only way you can see all of the islands in all of her glory. Did you know that three-fourths of Maui cannot be seen from any other vantage point other than from the sky? Most people think of air tours as helicopter tours only, but did you know there are other options available for you excited travelers? 

Try checking out the islands by using a fixed-wing air tour or by sightseeing airplanes. These Maui airplane tours have many advantages, including discounted prices. These tours are generally less expensive than helicopter tours too! They also offer a more intimate experience because most of these planes only have enough space for a few people, so you and your friends and family can have your private tour all to yourself. You might even have the opportunity to create the trip to your liking. 

Some of these Maui airplane tours take off from Kapalua Airport which is a convenient location close to all the best vacation homes and condos on Maui. Not to mention you skip the hustle, bustle, and stress of the larger Kahului Airport!

Some options for your special air tour may include:

  • Flights over Maui and Molokai, including an opportunity to land at Father Damien’s Leper Colony at the Kalaupapa Peninsula
  • Molokai flights over the top of Molokai and a ground tour of the island. 
  • Flight tours of the islands in Maui County including Maui, Molokai, Lanai, and Kahoolawe 
  • Flights from Kahului to Oahu
  • Trips to see lava flows on Big Island 
  • Sunset flights
  • Night flights during the full moon
  • Photography flights
  • Whale watching flights 

We hope that we’ve opened your eyes to the variety of options available to you for an air tour of Maui. If you’re interested in booking a vacation rental on Maui for your next adventure, then make sure to look into the great options available here on our website. Explore our vacation condos on Maui or look into the vacation homes for rent we have featured on our website. Contact us with any questions you might have and we hope to see you up in the air soon.