Top Ten Things to Do on Maui Part 2

Hopefully, you read last week's blog, which is Part 1 of our Top Ten Things to Do on Maui theme to make your Maui vacation the best it can be. These are our next five suggestions, and keep in mind that they aren't in order of preference! Again, we've included pros and cons to each activity that will help you make the most of them, and know which ones are best for you to try.

6. Zip-lining - This is one of those rare thrilling activities that doesn't require much effort on your part. You're strapped into a sturdy harness, and then you just let go and you're soaring over some of the most beautiful landscapes and ocean vistas that you are ever likely to see!

  • Pros: You can do this whether you're in shape or not. Amazing views and the exhilarating feeling of flying.
  • Con: Heights. (Solution¬† is to skip it unless you're trying to get over your fear. Just keep in mind that once you start the course, you can't turn around.)

7. Helicopter Tours - This is another exciting activity for seeing the magnificent sights on Maui. Some tours will even take you to the neighboring islands, while others will take you to places you'll never see if you're on foot.

  • Pros: You can see in one hour what it takes all day to see by car.
  • Cons: Heights again, minor pressure changes, dizziness when the helicopter rotates. (Solutions are to skip it, learn to equalize your ears and take Dramamine again.)

8. Art Galleries - Maui is chalk full of art galleries featuring talented local artists along with international virtuosos. Lahaina, in particular, has more art galleries per capita than any other place in the country.

  • Pros: You could spend your whole vacation viewing art on Maui, so you are pretty much guaranteed to find what you like.
  • Cons: Sensory overload. (Solution is to take a break and grab a drink or a bite to eat.)

9. Surfing - For the physically able and adventurous, Maui is a fantastic place for surfing. It's easy to rent a board, or sign up for a lesson, depending on your experience level.

  • Pros: Plenty of spots for various experience levels, and warm water.
  • Cons: Reefs, local tension, quickly changing weather conditions. (Solutions are learning where the reefs are so you can avoid them, being respectful and polite, getting out as soon as the weather starts getting too rough).

10. MOC - Also known as the Hawaiian Aquarium, the Maui Ocean Center boasts more Hawaiian species than any other aquarium in the world. Their numerous exhibits are stunning, as is the plethora of brilliant marine life that you'll discover there. Their exhibits include everything from fish and crustaceans to eels, sharks and turtles.

  • Pros: Ideal for all ages and levels of physical ability. Also educational, and there are many photo opportunities.
  • Con: Crowds. (Solution is to try to go on a weekday, and not on a holiday.)

There you have it! We hope we've given you some great ideas that will make your Maui trip unforgettable! As always, if you need assistance, you'll find our contact information at the bottom of the page. Mahalo!