When is the Rainy Season in Hawaii?

VM Maui

If you’re like most people visiting the islands for the first time, you’re probably picturing lovely sunny days filled with rainbows and days at the beach. Well, for the most part, you’re right but Hawaii is in the tropics which means it does rain from time to time. We’re not trying to rain on your parade (pun intended), but it’s wise to consider when the rainy season in Hawaii is so you can work around it. You don’t only want to find the best hotels and resorts in Maui, you want to find the best time to visit! 

Here are some things to consider about avoiding the rainy season in Hawaii:

  1. It varies from island to island to island location: Different islands experience different amounts of rainfall during the year. For example, Hilo on the Big Island rains almost every day whereas West Maui, where all our rental hotel condos and vacation homes are located, it hardly rains at all. So make sure to do your research and schedule your trip in areas that are typically drier. 
  2. Consider travel during the summer: November through March is typically the wintertime and during these months it seems to rain more often than usual. During April through October; however, it’s typically more warm and dry so you’re likely to avoid substantial rainfall. 
  3. Be aware of hurricane season: During November Hawaii often gets slammed with a few hurricane warnings. While most of these never really make landfall, we do tend to get the aftermath, including some rain, from these progressing storms. 

Those are some of our favorite tips on how to avoid extreme rain in Hawaii. If you’re not discouraged by a little rain and are still planning on visiting Hawaii in the upcoming months then we like you already! Check out some of the vacation rentals we have for you and make sure to contact us with questions you might have about availability. 

And while the wintertime may have a few scattered showers here and there, it also happens to be the time of the year when the whales come to Hawaii! If your up for the adventure, a few of our favorite winter whale watching properties would be Aston at the Whaler, Aston Kaanapali Villas, and Lahaina Oceanfront Estates. We hope you consider renting with us during your next stay in Hawaii and let us help you make a relaxing and enjoyable experience while on the islands. We’ll talk to you soon and stay dry out there. Aloha!