Book a Maui Submarine Tour For Your Next Trip to Hawaii

Are you looking for fun and exciting activities to book for your next vacation in Maui? If you’re looking for an activity that will entertain the whole family then why not look into taking a submarine into the depths of the deep blue?

Maui submarine tours are a perfect fit for people of all ages. With accommodations for children as young as three, there’s no better activity to explore than this one. Each tour takes you out of Lahaina Harbor either in the morning and afternoon before heading deep, down below to get up close and personal with some beautiful reef and marine life. Here you will be 100 feet under and get a tour of a whole new world.

Some tours will include a chance to explore an artificial reef of an old boat called the Carthaginian. The vessel was sunk after the ship was no longer useful and today it serves its purpose as a home to many sharks, turtles, fish and more. But don’t be scared! You’ll be protected the entire time. Inside the submarine you will be in a climate-controlled cabin and receive great views of the depths below without having to get wet even once. During the winter months you may even be lucky enough to see a whale! How cool is that?

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