Fun at the Beach with Window Body Boards

Want to catch a glimpse of the colorful marine life surrounding Maui's coral reefs? You no longer have to don a bunch of awkward snorkeling gear, or rent an expensive glass-bottom kayak. Now, there are snorkel boards that provide a viewing window. This simple innovation has become quite the sensation among beach-goers here on Maui, and plenty of other coastal areas, for that matter.

The snorkel board, also known as the window body board, is just what it sounds like: a swim board with a clear viewing window near the top end. It's a fantastic option if you'll have children with you on your Maui vacation, especially considering these boards can be purchased at some of the large chain stores or rented at places like Snorkel Bob's at a more affordable price (they've named their version "The Looky Board").

Although snorkel boards are extremely popular among kids, they're great for adults as well. Snorkeling masks and goggles aren't right for everyone. Some folks just don't feel comfortable with their faces in the water, which is perfectly understandable. You won't get the same range of underwater vision as you would with a mask, but the snorkel board offers another important feature that snorkeling gear doesn't. That is buoyancy, which makes it ideal for those who aren't the strongest swimmers, or would just feel more comfortable with some extra safety and security.

On that note, Maui may be full of calm beaches, but safety shouldn't be neglected when exploring any of the island's natural spaces, especially the ocean. This is true anywhere in the world, but when folks are on vacation, it's not unusual to see them act a bit more recklessly than usual. Most of our West Maui vacation accommodations are beachfront locations, so sharing ocean safety advice with our guests is important to us. A product like the snorkel board, which offers safety, fun and fascination, gets a big thumbs up from us!

Before you get back to planning your vacation, one quick reminder: Sunblock! Protecting your skin is vital to your health and well being here on Maui, where the sun's UV rays are more intense than at higher latitudes. While using the snorkel board, your back is going to get a lot of sun. If you want to protect your skin as well as the health of the coral reefs, there are brands now selling reef-safe sunscreen. You could also opt for a rashguard, because fabric is great at protecting skin and it won't harm the corals. It will also prevent your skin from possibly getting irritated by friction with the board. Now, get out there, have fun at the beach, and be safe! Mahalo!