Maui Tide Pools

Maui Tide Pools

Tide pool exploration can be a fun, educational experience, especially if you're on a family vacation to Maui and you have curious kids. Many of the island's nice tide pool spots have nice little sandy areas for wading with little to no wave action, which young children appreciate. Observing all the miniature marine life that dwells in the pools can be fascinating, as long as you make sure not to disturb or step on them, especially urchins. Aim for low tide times if you want the safest, mildest wave action, and always keep in mind that conditions are calmer the earlier you go out. All that's left now is for you to know where the best spots are.

West Maui

Napili Bay - This beach features some fantastic tide pools at its south end. The area is relatively sheltered from wave action, making it calm most of the time. The tide pools themselves are well-guarded, extensive and home to a nice array of marine life.

Olivine Pools - You can find this gem in Kapalua off Honoapi'ilani Highway. This spot is best suited to older kids who are confident swimmers. This one isn't quite a beach. It's more like a swimming pool carved from the rock. It's on the list because of the vibrant array of marine life it holds.

North Shore

Baby Beach - This one is marvelously sheltered by a sea wall that blocks the waves very well, especially at low tide. This placid lagoon is a family favorite, and the rocky end is home to a myriad of marine species, including some rather colorful varieties. It can get windy in the afternoon, so aim to arrive early.

South Maui

Keawakapu Beach - When you arrive on this expansive stretch of sand, you'll find the tide pools at the southern end, which is closest to the parking lot. These can be fairly well submerged at high tide, but at low tide, there are plenty of little pools and sheltered areas for your little ones. If you keep walking south, you'll find Mokapu Beach, which is next on the list.

Mokapu Beach - Nestled between Keawakapu and Ulua beaches, Mokapu is smaller than the former, but bigger than the latter. Both ends are broken by rocky tidepool areas that anchor some beautiful reefs all around. The tide pools of its southern end are located at the edge of Ulua Beach, which provides a large parking lot. This is the best place to park for access to Mokapu, because it's bigger than Keawakapu's lot to the north.

Those are the island favorites when it comes to tide pools. The one located in North and South Maui are around an hour from our West Maui accommodations, but the experience is worth the journey. Just make sure to wear sunscreen, go out in calm sunny conditions, and supervise your kids. The whole family is sure to have a great time. We hope you've enjoyed this! Mahalo for reading!