Parasailing Maui

Have you ever considered parasailing on your Maui trip? Not familiar? This is the activity where a boat pulls a parachute up like a kite, with your seat suspended below it. Most describe it as exhilarating and beautiful, offering a rare view from over the sparkling blue ocean. Sound like fun? If you happen to have accommodations in Lahaina or Kaanapali, you're in luck. West Maui Parasail is right in the neighborhood, and they've got excellent customer ratings.

Two types of flights are available, the 800, which is 50 stories up, and the 1,200, which climbs to a 50 story height. You can ride solo, but if you'd prefer to take to the sky with a friend, tandem (2 people) or triple (3 people) flights are offered with side by side seating.

West Maui Parasail has provided more than 200,000 flights since 1985. Of the company's five boat fleet, two are 31 foot Ocean Pro parasail boats that can accommodate 12 passengers. The other three, custom built parasail boats seat 6 passengers.

Parasailing is a seasonal activity, and isn't available during whale season, for the sake of Maui's largest guests. You can take part in this activity from May 16th to December 14th, so you're in luck if you're visiting any time between now and the December deadline. Conveniently, West Maui Parasail has a Lahaina location at the historic Lahaina Harbor, and a Kaanapali location just south of the Hyatt Maui. If you'd like to book a trip, and get more detailed information, visit Have a wonderful vacation! If you need assistance with your accommodations, you'll find our contact information at the bottom of the page. Mahalo!