Snorkel in December on Maui

Snorkel in December on Maui

Yes, it's perfectly warm enough and the weather is usually excellent, no matter what time of the year it is. Here is the first rule of thumb: the earlier the better. If you go between 6-8a.m. the conditions will be better than any other time of day. The water offers higher visibility, the surf is flat, and the winds are lowest early in the morning. Now all you need to decide is where to go!

The southern and western shores of Maui are definitely the calmest places to snorkel on the island. One of the popular locations in Kaanapali is Black Rock, on the North end of Kaanapali Beach. This is ideal if you are renting a condo at the Whaler, which is located right on this very same beach. Black Rock is the base for coral and many beautiful fish and sea turtles.

Another nice spot to snorkel is Olowalu. This is a short drive South of Lahaina. Reefs here are expansive and stretch along many miles of shoreline bordering Honoapiilani Highway. These are narrow, white-sand beaches. The water is shallow for a long way out, compared to many other snorkeling areas, and the reef is thick. When the tide is low, you will find little space between the corals and the waters surface. It may be a little murky close to the beach, but if you follow the sand channels out, the water often clears up, and you won't scrape your belly on coral. There are acres of reef in Olowalu, so you could spend your whole day there and still not see it all.

If you would like to try Kihei, Kamaole beaches 1, 2 and 3 are convenient in many ways. Each offers a long stretch of peaceful, white-sand beach which is ideal for swimming and sunbathing. There are restaurants and shops nearby. This is a family friendly area where there's something for all ages. These beaches are divided by rocky outcroppings, and these places make for the best snorkeling areas. Coral anchors itself near these lava formations and each one is a little different from the other.

Lastly, La Perouse Bay is the most remote and possibly the most beautiful. There is plenty of coral and plenty of space once you swim out a bit from the shoreline. A pod of dolphins frequents this area and if you're lucky, they will swim with you. A vast array of sea life can be found here, including numerous brilliantly colored fish, turtles, and if you are lucky, you may spot the occasional eel. Don't worry, they are generally quite small and very reclusive.

We hope you've enjoyed this information and will use it to make the most of your warm Maui winter. Keep in mind that there is snorkeling gear for rent in many locations, for both adults and children, although you should supervise your kids carefully if you bring them out with you.

By Tess Cartwright

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