Exploring Kahana, Maui: Must-See & Do Activities on Land or Sea

Hawaii beach
by VM Maui

Welcome to Kahana, Maui! If you're planning your next beach vacation and want to avoid the crowds of Waikiki, this hidden gem is a must-visit. With its laid-back vibe, stunning beaches, and rich Hawaiian culture, Kahana offers everything you need for a perfect tropical getaway.

Whether you're traveling with friends or family, there are plenty of fun activities to keep everyone entertained. In this guide, we'll share some of the top must-see and do activities in Kahana that will make your vacation rental experience truly unforgettable.

Embrace the Hawaii Beach Lifestyle

One of the main draws of Kahana is its beautiful beaches. And what better way to experience them than by staying at one of the many West Maui vacation rentals available?

For a true Hawaiian holiday getaway experience, check out Kahana's Pohailani Maui or the Sands of Kahana. These oceanfront resorts offer stunning views and direct access to the beach, making it the perfect spot to soak up the sun and unwind. Plus, with amenities like a pool, hot tub, and BBQ area, you'll have everything you need right at your fingertips.

  1. Kahana Beach Park: Located in the heart of Kahana, this sandy stretch is ideal for picnics, sunbathing, and swimming. The coral reef offshore provides excellent snorkeling opportunities.
  2. Pohaku Beach Park: Just south of Kahana, Pohaku is a 1-acre beachfront park providing picnic tables, barbecues, showers, restrooms & parking. Lots of chances to see Honu!
  3. Honokowai Beach Park: A short drive north, this park offers family-friendly amenities, including a playground, picnic tables, and restrooms. The sandy beach is perfect for sunbathing and swimming.

From vibrant and bustling shores brimming with energy to secluded and serene coves tucked away from the crowds, Kahana has it all. Come and immerse yourself in the picturesque beaches of Kahana, and forge everlasting memories in this enchanting piece of paradise.

Explore Maui's Underwater World

Nestled on the enchanting island of Maui, Kahana boasts an unparalleled advantage with its idyllic location near the mesmerizing Pacific Ocean. This picturesque coastal destination serves as a gateway to the captivating marine life that thrives in the turquoise waters surrounding it. From vibrant coral reefs teeming with life to playful dolphins and majestic sea turtles, Kahana offers an exceptional opportunity to immerse yourself in the wonders of Maui's marine world.

  1. Snorkeling: The calm waters of Kahana and nearby Napili Bay are ideal for snorkeling. Rent snorkel gear or join a guided tour to get up close and personal with colorful tropical fish and sea turtles.
  2. Diving: If you're a certified diver, Kahana offers access to some excellent dive sites. Explore underwater caves, and coral formations, and perhaps encounter larger marine creatures.
  3. Whale Watching: If you visit during the winter months (December to April), embark on a whale-watching tour to witness humpback whales breaching and playing in the warm Maui waters.

Whether you're snorkeling, diving, or simply strolling along the sandy shores, prepare to be enchanted by the diverse and fascinating ecosystem that awaits you in Kahana.

Hiking & Adventure Near Kahana

While Kahana itself may not be renowned for its extensive hiking trails, it serves as a central hub for exploring some of Maui's most breathtaking natural wonders. Embark on an unforgettable adventure as you traverse the finest trails a short distance away. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Maui, capturing every awe-inspiring moment with your trusty camera by your side.

  1. Mahana Ridge Trail
  2. Magical Enchanted Forest Trail
  3. Kapalua Coastal Trail

Embark on a scenic hike to discover hidden waterfalls, panoramic vistas, and diverse flora and fauna that make this region truly enchanting. With Kahana as your starting point, you'll have endless opportunities to immerse yourself in the beauty of Maui's outdoor paradise.

Enjoy Local Dining & Shopping in Kahana

Kahana, a quaint and charming town, may be small in size, but it offers an array of excellent dining options and shopping experiences to delight locals and visitors alike. Whether you're in the mood for delectable seafood, tantalizing international cuisine, or mouthwatering local delicacies, Kahana has it all. From trendy boutiques to unique artisan shops, you'll find a treasure trove of one-of-a-kind items and souvenirs that will leave you with lasting memories of your time in this hidden gem of a destination

Kahana Restaurants - Family Dining to Fine Dining

Sample local cuisine at one of Kahana's cozy restaurants. From fresh seafood to mouthwatering Hawaiian dishes, there's something to satisfy every palate.

  1. Kai Sushi Bar at Ritz-Carlton Maui Resort
  2. Roy's Kahana Bar Grill at Kahana Gateway Center
  3. Maui Brewing Company
  4. The Beach House Kahana Bar and Grill

Kahana Shopping

Explore Kahana Gateway Shopping Center, which offers a mix of boutiques, markets, and convenience stores. It's a great place to pick up souvenirs, beachwear, and more.

  1. Kahana Gateway Shopping Center
  2. Whalers Village
  3. Napili Plaza

Connect with Hawaii's Culture & Nature

Beyond the scenic landscapes and exciting activities, Kahana also provides a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Hawaii's rich cultural heritage and nature. The town and its surroundings are home to several historical sites and natural attractions that allow you to delve deeper into the island's past and enjoy its varied flora and fauna.

  1. Honokahua Burial Site: Be respectful and please keep off the grass and view the area.
  2. Kapalua Labyrinth: This nicely manicured labyrinth, takes a while time to walk through, beautiful scenery, very hot, so bring water! A true act of love by an anonymous builder, the white coral labyrinth was constructed as a peace project in 2005.

Kahana, HI may be more low-key than its neighboring towns, but it offers an authentic and peaceful Hawaiian experience. Whether you're seeking beachfront relaxation, thrilling water adventures, or nature exploration, Kahana has something to offer every type of traveler.

Book your Hawaii vacation rental in this charming town and get ready to create unforgettable memories on the beautiful island of Maui. So why wait? Start planning your dream vacation to Kahana now! r. So, when planning your Maui itinerary, don't forget to include Kahana on your list of must-visit destinations.